InProd Installation

InProd is available as both an on-premise installation and as a cloud platform

InProd Cloud

InProd Cloud is the recommended deployment direction as it is the simplest to deploy and the upkeep of the platform is managed for you, freeing your team to focus their core objectives. Depending on your internal IT costs, it can also be a lower cost alternative. Hosted on AWS with a direct VPN connection into your Genesys management layer.

  • Deployed in either US, Europe or APAC datacentre
  • Replicated to a second region for high availability
  • Nightly backups
  • Always running at the latest release
  • Platform monitoring

If your organization wants to exploit its existing servers, or if there are other business considerations for the use of an on-premise solution, the InProd On-premise deployment is the way to go.

  • VMware and Docker virtualisation support
  • RHEL or Centos based 64Bit operating system
  • Simple deployment via private yum repository
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Low hardware requirements

InProd is split into three main components

  • Aft, connection into the Genesys management layer
  • SSC, the Stat Server Connector for licence reporting
  • Bow, the central backed service

To simply security, configuration and high availability there are multiple instances of Aft and SSC for each Genesys environment. These all connect to one central Bow service. All connections to Genesys are achieved via the PSDK, as recommended by Genesys.