Gain Control of Genesys Changes

See what makes InProd a powerful Configuration Management Solution

Powerful Reporting

InProd has the ability to report on any configuration change within Genesys config server. Instead of offering static tables of grid data that is difficult to interpret, InProd provides interactive reporting that can be filtered down to individual changes or objects, then drill into further for specific change details.

Reporting of Genesys configuration changes

Audit History

Powerful search capabilities to find any change in the Genesys configuration. One click to open all detail on an object that was changed. Select multiple changes to perform bulk actions on, such as:

  • Adding changes to a change set
  • Reverting changes
Genesys change audit

Change Details

When looking at a Genesys configuration change, how do you want to see it? By highlighting the changed parameters or highlighting the differences to the current state, or no highlighting at all. How about a comparison to another object, which may be in a different Genesys environment?

Genesys change object audit details

Reverting Changes

Undo any recorded change to any configuration object within the Genesys config server. Clearly visualise the impact of reverting a change.

  • Revert only changed parameters, preserving other changes
  • Revert back to point in time, restoring the complete object state

Genesys change audit performing revert of configuration object

License Reporting

InProd can also be used as a replacement for the Genesys License Reporting Manager (LRM).

  • Generate usage reports hourly
  • Support for 3rd party products and custom licenses
  • Business unit level reports to show license consumption by each department.
  • Schedule reports as HTML, Excel or CSV
Genesys license reporting

Change Sets

The true power of InProd 

Genesys change download

Import existing objects into a change set to clone the object


Import object changes into a change set to replicate updates to multiple objects

Genesys change auditing

Manually create objects or changes for complete control

Genesys change task

Verify changes are valid before execuiting them, no missing or incorrect values

Genesys change verification

Enforce change management processes


Supports all configuration object types

Genesys change servers

Deploy the same change set into multiple environments

Genesys settings

Multiple changes contained within one change set. Create a Host, Primary and Secondary Apps in one action

genesys change history record

Audit history of modifications to the change set and run history

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